“Remember that you often first recognize familiar persons from a distance by their gait,” as Dr. Richard Feichtinger from Xybermind points out, “which shows that gait contains a lot of important information.” The company has managed to extract gait symmetry information from the several thousands of data points collected every second. And this in real time!

State of the art sensor technology using not only accelerometers, but also gyroscopes, which measure the pelvic rotation in all 3 axes, and fully automated step recognition and evaluation quantifies the gait pattern in unprecedented detail. This gives the therapist a detailed documentation of the patient’s progress.

When used as a therapeutic device, the patients are accompanied by the Gait Balance Biofeedback device whenever they are walking, which gives feedback on the current status of their gait balance. Since walking in balanced gait is the best therapy.

Contact: Dr. Richard Feichtinger